Writing Exercise Prompt

minions-363019_640Dialogue a conversation you’ve been wanting to have with a fellow worker or person you’ve been needing to talk to.  Make it comedic.  Or, perhaps, dialogue a conversation you’ve had recently with someone that made your day or was just funny in general.


Note to Self: Luck

“Luck is the anguish of those who believe winning is by accident.” – Unknown.

Question: What are you afraid of?


What’s your reason(s) for not starting your business?  You’ve had the idea for a while now, but you’re afraid.  What’s holding you back?

Note to Self: Sometimes I forget


Sometimes I forget that some people aren’t trying to better themselves or their situations. No matter how much you try to help, some people will continue to self-pity and dwell. You can’t help everyone no matter how much you want to and for your sake, sometimes you have to just walk away and let them handle their own demons.

Are you going through it or growing through it?


All situations whether good or bad are nothing more than stepping stones to the next level.  While everyone is different, how you choose to deal with a situation is the same.  Either you let it consume you or you fight it out and eventually get to a place where you’re no longer in it.  There will always be another fight, another struggle, another situation that will call you away from your purpose. These are growing pains. You must learn to be flexible and not let situations rule you.