What do you want?

jog-595995_960_720Without a defined reason or purpose, we go from day to day doing just enough to survive in the life we’ve created up until now.  But subconsciously, it isn’t enough.  Somehow you want something more you can’t describe.  Life seems scheduled and boring and unmotivated…and somewhere you’ve accepted that.  Perhaps its fear.  Perhaps its stubbornness.  Perhaps you’re lazy.  Only you know what it is.  But without purpose, you’re just maintaining a lifestyle.  Take a little time each day to figure out what you want.  Start asking questions.  Start doing more of the things that make you smile.  Figure out what’s keeping you from moving forward.  Otherwise, what’s the point?


5 thoughts on “What do you want?

  1. susieshy45 says:

    This post was a God send for me. I was just thinking today about what I am doing here, who am I, and coming up to my usual answers- totally worthless. If I die today, nothing to remember me by.
    And it all comes around to me- I am not famous, I could have done so much more. I took wrong decisions and went down wrong paths- am talented but no one knows my talents- totally useless, in toto.
    And then along came your post.
    What makes me smile ?
    Seeing little children smile- their innocence and their trust.
    What’s keeping me from moving forward ?
    Nothing other than myself .
    Where do I want to go ?
    Want to study more- get a degree from a Western university, then go back to my home country and work in Medical Education and try to do something worth while.
    Thanks for the tips.


    • Shakeena says:

      You are very welcome. I’m glad it was helpful. We often limit ourselves to what other people think our reality should be, but once we learn that we have the power to change it…our journey truly begins. I wish you well with yours. 🙂

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  2. astridswords says:

    Often the unexpected events in life that we follow are the times that will make it more interesting and less boring. It can be fun to accept as it comes and not follow our wanted schedule. I find children demonstrate this the most =)


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