Note to Self: Try Again


It doesn’t matter if it didn’t work today–try again tomorrow. And the day after. And the next…until you get what you’re after. Be persistent.


Note to Self:

Everyday you must sell your dream to yourself. Never let a day go by that you don’t remind yourself why your dream is important. Never let go of that constant nagging in your mind nudging you to press on. Move forward. Be persistent. 

Life Is What You Make It

woman-1031535_960_720Life has a funny way of making you believe you are unworthy—worthless—useless—unloved—unwanted—and unwelcome.  It can make you feel as if it’s you against the world and only the lucky ones are worthy of its secrets.  But life rewards the courageous—the bold—and persistent.  It rewards the caretakers and gift givers—and those who listen with their entire self.

It’s the hands of an ever ticking clock—unable to be stopped or wound back.  It’s the mistakes you’ve made—the goals you set—the obstacles you fight through.  It’s the tears you’ve cried—the depression you’re battling—the stress on your back and shoulders–the love you’ve found.  It’s the emotional turmoil—the daily struggle—the constant hustle of day-to-day living.

It’s many things—but mostly one: It’s what you make it.

Note to Self: Stay Committed


Everything you see today is the result of someone else’s dream. They set out to accomplish their goals despite of the circumstances. Lesson to be learned: stay committed to your commitment.

Sink or Swim: Now is the Time

Sometimes you have to put yourself in a position where there are no other options and you’re forced to deal with it.  You have a solid foundation of what you’re trying to accomplish, a decent skill set and the only way you’re going to do better is to dive, eyes closed into the lake.  You’ll have to trust that your background, education and experience is enough to bring you to the surface.  What you’ll often find is that you have amazing swimming skills and just needed the confidence to begin your journey.  Trust yourself and dive in.  It doesn’t begin until you do.

Brick by Brick: Laying a Foundation

duplo-1981724_960_720You build a house from the ground up.  You check the soil, pour the slab, mix the mortar, place the beams, and lay brick by brick until you have a wall, and eventually a place you can call home.  While you may not physically be making a house, what you do today is laying a foundation for your future.

Taking into consideration all of what a task requires can be overwhelming…long hours, late nights, extra time, having to give up your girl’s night to work on your business, etc.  But when you break down the project into smaller parts, you give your mind and body a breather.  You don’t have to do everything in one day.  Break it down into manageable parts that you can work on daily or even weekly.  And when you’re working on something, consider the result it will have on your progress.  Will it help or hinder you?  Even on a personal level, you lay a foundation in how you speak, treat and give to others.

Want to increase your vocabulary?  Learn one word and use it until you master it, then move on.  Trying to eat healthier?  Replace one of your meals with a healthier alternative.  Trying to change your negativity?  Interrupt the conversation in your mind with a positive comment.  Have a low self-esteem?  Find one thing you like about yourself and praise yourself regularly about it.  Trying to start a business?  Find a book in your field read it from cover to cover, takes notes and implement.

Folks, it’s about doing the small things well and moving on to the next small thing and the next, until you’ve built a collection of small things that have poured the cement slab, formed your walls, built your beams and put a roof on that house.  From there, you can decorate it however you like.

Are you the only one talking business?

Are you the only one in your circle talking about breaking out on your own and starting a business?  Are you surrounded by people who think you’re crazy for working on your ideas?  Are you surrounded by a person that shoots down every idea you bring to the table?  Perhaps you need to find a new circle.

If you know your idea is worth its salt, pursue it.  Your idea deserves the follow-through.  Change your circle a little.  Get with like-minded people and watch and feel the positive flow fill you with endless possibilities and excitement.

Sometimes you need a change of scenery to think, work and feel differently.  Leave the naysayers to themselves.  Don’t let a few bad comments ruin your chance of bringing your idea to life.