Note to Self: You Didn’t Fail

Just because your plans didn’t work out the way you wanted them to — doesn’t mean you failed. It means it just didn’t work out.

It happens.

Dwell on it just long enough to pull the right lesson(s) from it and move on.


What Are You Fighting For?


“When you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them.”  Les Brown

It’s amazing how many people limit their potential to be greater than they are.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard…“you don’t understand…” and “I wish I could…” or “well it’s easy for you because…”.

When you start thinking like this, you immediately place an invisible wall between you and the thing you want the most.  You begin to fight for things that have little or no value to you.  You start forcing things to work for you when they clearly don’t.  You shut down.  You stop doing things that you’ve always loved doing.  You stop trying altogether.

You find yourself fighting against your job, your family, your friends, and strangers.  But what are you fighting for?

Take a moment to analyze the situations that pissed you off, left you hanging, or caused you to pause.  Are you standing with your fists raised and ready to strike?  Or protect?

Note to Self: Try Again


It doesn’t matter if it didn’t work today–try again tomorrow. And the day after. And the next…until you get what you’re after. Be persistent.

Note to Self: Happiness

love-2647700_960_720Happiness: It starts with a conversation you have with yourself. It’s answering the hard questions that only you can answer. It’s a truth that only you can understand. It’s loving yourself. Finding yourself. Knowing yourself completely. It’s a lot less about what you do than who you are.

Choose: Decide who you’re going to be. Don’t let the illusion of a New Year, a new job, a new partner, etc. lead you to believe that you have to wait for it to appear before you can do something beneficial for yourself. Just who, exactly, gave it the right to tell you when and how to do things?

Note to Self: Walk In Peace

Despite what’s currently going on in the world or your life, we have the responsibility to walk in the direction of peace. Don’t let disfunction and negativity take you away from that.  Don’t let other people’s fears and insecurities unhinge the home you’re building within. They are responsible for their actions as you are responsible for your own.

Note to Self:

Everyday you must sell your dream to yourself. Never let a day go by that you don’t remind yourself why your dream is important. Never let go of that constant nagging in your mind nudging you to press on. Move forward. Be persistent. 

Don’t worry about the competition

When you’re trying to get your business off the ground you can’t worry about how much competition there is out there…not always. Looking at it from a personal development angle, sometimes the best thing you can do is accomplish your goal regardless of what’s going on. At the end of it all, it shapes you to be the person you’re supposed to be in order do what you’ve been created to do.

You Against the World

“I need a vacation.”  Heard that one before, right?  But what I really needed was a detoxification from work, people, and life situations.  I kept asking myself, When do I get to breathe? When do I get to do what I want? When will someone finally notice and appreciate my efforts?  Then it hit me:  When?  Now. frog-897419_960_720

It was simple and I needed to remember what I needed.  I take a breather when I want…not when someone says so.  I get to do what I want when I make time for it and not when someone says I can.  And I don’t need validation and appreciation for my efforts from someone else…when I pre-approved it.  The lack of sleep and constant busy nothings was getting to me.  I needed to take some time off from everything and everyone.

So, I shut off all communication from the outside world, refused to check emails, voicemails, and social media…and I couldn’t have made a better choice.  Sometimes…some days…it just needs to be you against the world.  Did I feel bad about not answering their calls, responding to emails, or not being available?  (Insert laughter here.)

I had forgotten the answer to one question:  You know what happens when you stop helping those who expect it from you?  They eventually figure it out themselves.  I can’t help everyone who asks for it…and I’m not required to.  First, I have to help myself…and need my sanity to do it.

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Life Is What You Make It

woman-1031535_960_720Life has a funny way of making you believe you are unworthy—worthless—useless—unloved—unwanted—and unwelcome.  It can make you feel as if it’s you against the world and only the lucky ones are worthy of its secrets.  But life rewards the courageous—the bold—and persistent.  It rewards the caretakers and gift givers—and those who listen with their entire self.

It’s the hands of an ever ticking clock—unable to be stopped or wound back.  It’s the mistakes you’ve made—the goals you set—the obstacles you fight through.  It’s the tears you’ve cried—the depression you’re battling—the stress on your back and shoulders–the love you’ve found.  It’s the emotional turmoil—the daily struggle—the constant hustle of day-to-day living.

It’s many things—but mostly one: It’s what you make it.

What do you want?

jog-595995_960_720Without a defined reason or purpose, we go from day to day doing just enough to survive in the life we’ve created up until now.  But subconsciously, it isn’t enough.  Somehow you want something more you can’t describe.  Life seems scheduled and boring and unmotivated…and somewhere you’ve accepted that.  Perhaps its fear.  Perhaps its stubbornness.  Perhaps you’re lazy.  Only you know what it is.  But without purpose, you’re just maintaining a lifestyle.  Take a little time each day to figure out what you want.  Start asking questions.  Start doing more of the things that make you smile.  Figure out what’s keeping you from moving forward.  Otherwise, what’s the point?

A Gentle Reminder: Never Give Up

bench-560435_640It’s ok if it didn’t work out the way you wanted.  Despite the fallbacks, the most important thing you can do is to keep moving.  So what if you’ve tried it a few times and it didn’t work—that doesn’t mean you should give up.  It just means you need to change your approach.  It’s ok to fall—it’s not ok to stay there.  Get back up and try again.

Let Adults Be Adults

I was gently reminded today that the same people you’ve come to care for and perhaps even love, may be the same ones you have to walk away from in the end.  Steve Harvey stated that the same people you started your journey with, may not be able to go with you. pool-690034_640

When you really sit back and think about it, the people you meet in your journey are all in different stages of their lives.  Some are trying to figure out what to do with it, some don’t know what happened to it and others are wading through murky waters just trying to get some air.  Despite who you meet, you’ll have to deal with some sort of personal and emotional baggage.

At some point, you’ll have to understand that you can’t help every person you meet, you can’t argue over every bad decision a person makes, you can’t will a person to change or sit around patiently waiting for change to happen.  Hoping for the best won’t cut it and arguing over it isn’t always ideal.

The reality is, people will always be people; and people will always do what they want until it comes time for them not to.  Unfortunately, that’s usually after someone gets hurt.

Sometimes the best thing to do is sit back, remove yourself from the situation as best as you can and let adults…be adults.

Note to Self: Sometimes I forget


Sometimes I forget that some people aren’t trying to better themselves or their situations. No matter how much you try to help, some people will continue to self-pity and dwell. You can’t help everyone no matter how much you want to and for your sake, sometimes you have to just walk away and let them handle their own demons.

Are you going through it or growing through it?


All situations whether good or bad are nothing more than stepping stones to the next level.  While everyone is different, how you choose to deal with a situation is the same.  Either you let it consume you or you fight it out and eventually get to a place where you’re no longer in it.  There will always be another fight, another struggle, another situation that will call you away from your purpose. These are growing pains. You must learn to be flexible and not let situations rule you.

Apparently I’m a Superhero

Apparently I’m a superhero. Today, a few emergencies popped up and I was called to do what I do best…handle them.  As time passed and people didn’t hear cursing or yelling because of the late additions, everyone wondered if I was human.  I wasn’t nervous or anxious.  I didn’t scream in frustration or blame someone else for it falling through the cracks.  I didn’t complain or sigh or vent or catch an attitude.  Instead I smiled, assessed the situation, danced a little to the song I was listening to and did what needed to be done.  Apparently, from what I understand, this is a superpower (not the dancing part).

I’m constantly questioned about this uncanny ability.  Here’s my answer:  It’s not that I don’t stress, it’s that most of the things that come my way aren’t worth stressing over.  It’s very simple.  Either it’ll get done or it won’t.  The circle eventually closes and dramas eventually pass.  If I don’t get results one way, I’ll try another way.  If a door closes in my face, I’ll find another door.  If that door closes, I’ll make my own.  Unless you’re trying to kill me (like my cat), then there’s no point worrying about it.  Don’t mistake me, I’ll do my best in everything I have a hand in, but worrying about today’s problems only disrupts today’s peace.  I don’t know about you, but I have no intention of giving that up.