What Happened to the Dreamers?

What happened to the dreamers?

The builders?

The leaders and gift givers?

What happened to the pursuit of something greater than ourselves?

The desire to become something more?

Where’s the dedication?

The discipline?

The hunger to succeed against all odds?

Have we become so complacent in our actions?

Have we given up already?

Have we denied ourselves the freedoms we dream about?

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, but pursue your dreams.  Build the hunger in you.  The things we dream about as children never truly go away.  They stay with us as adults but are overshadowed by work, family and other societal demands.  But what about you?  What do you want?  Have you taken time to do something for yourself?

Don’t delay taking care of yourself and don’t put it aside until everyone else is taken care of first.  Take the time to nourish who you are to become.


It Starts With You


“The impulse to dream has been beaten out of us by the experiences of life.”

How very true this statement is. Do not neglect the child in you full of wonder and curiosity. Allow time for your mind to wander. I’ve always said that we dream because we have to. Not the middle of the night crazy and unsolicited dreams we have in our sleep, but the ones we have when we’re supposed to be working, supposed to be doing something fairly important but would rather think about to get our minds off of the task at hand. It’s almost always the same thing every time, if not similar. We always dream of better, because underneath it all, despite our outer pessimistic shells, believe we deserve better. Why have you stopped dreaming? More importantly, why have you stopped believing? There’s not too many excuses that will hold water.