Note to Self: Keep Moving



Everyone wants to be successful, but do you expect to be?

“Want shows up in conversation, EXPECTATION shows up in behavior.” ~Les Brown

Everyone wants to be successful.  But if you ask them if they expect to be, most people can’t answer.  Talk is talk, but your behavior ultimately determines the type of person you are.  You can dream all day about starting a business, but what are you going to do about it?  Are you going to sit and pine about something you could have, should have done?  Or are you going to take those steps necessary to secure your success?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be one of those people in my later years dreaming about something I could have done something about now.  Take the first step and stop making excuses.  Nothing happens until you make a commitment and a decision to act.

New Things Are Happening!!

Shout out to all of my Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and WordPress friends, followers, fans and family!! If you haven’t figured it out, I’ve decided to follow and develop my first love, writing. Those that know me are probably wondering what took me so long! But now, there are no more excuses! 2014 was a beautiful start, but I know 2015 will be even better. There are so many ideas and things I plan on doing that I can hear my mother in my head saying, “baby steps, Shakeena. It’ll all work out as it should.” I hope you’ll take this journey with me as I know this is just the beginning. So far, here’s what’s going on:

Live, Laugh & Rebel Blog: Live, Laugh & Rebel is about being better, doing better. It’s about standing as an individual and finding what’s unique about you and using it to live a better and fruitful life. It’s about personal growth, enterprise, self-education, entrepreneurship, conditioning and movement. It’s about all those things most people don’t want to hear, but need to in order to grow. You can view it at

The Write Side of The Street Blog: This site about entrepreneurship will be consolidated with Live, Laugh & Rebel. All past and future site content will be posted there.

My Newsletter: A monthly newsletter. In every issue, you’ll find a Note to Self section, this is a short (sometimes longer) section about almost anything, it’s usually quotes or sayings I like (but you never know with me); a Main Character section, which is about developing and challenging yourself, like the main character in a story (after all, you are the main character in your story); and a Books section, which will show my latest books for sale. As things develop, you’ll see other sections which will include updates on events and showings, entrepreneurship, discounts, interviews and much, much more. If you prefer to up-to-date content, feel free to follow me on my blog, Live, Laugh & Rebel. You can subscribe to my newsletter at, on Facebook or you can send me your email and I’ll add you personally.

New Poetry E-book: Getting To You. A selection of poetry written by me for poetry lovers. You can purchase it at

Writing Services: I offer a variety of writing services including web content, articles, blog posts, newsletters/e-newsletters, brochures, direct mail/e-mail marketing campaigns, white papers/how-to guides, ghostwriting, e-books, simple business, creative content and much more. You can find more information and my portfolio at If you would like to discuss a project you have in mind, you can contact me at or (484) 352-2147.

Well, that’s it so far, but there will be so much more coming up. Thanks again for everything you guys and I hope you have a peaceful and fulfilling year!

It’s Not About Setting Goals

Sometimes, it’s not about setting goals…but about doing what needs to be done;
Sometimes, it’s not about heavy planning, but about jumping in and testing your swimming skills; and
Sometimes, it’s not about over thinking, but reacting.

2015 is around the corner and many of you are thinking about setting New Year’s goals and resolutions. But what happened to last years goals and resolutions? Did you go the gym more like you planned? Did you work on repairing that broken relationship like you promised? Did you go back to school like you wanted to? Did you start that business? Did you write that song? Did you write that book? Or did you come up with excuse after excuse about why these things couldn’t be done? Did you blame your family? The economy? Your job? Or the lack of money and resources?

Here’s my tip for you. Stop it. Stop making excuses and just do it. Whatever idea you have, whatever goal you want, it won’t happen unless you get started. People may laugh at you, but that’s their problem, not yours. Your family may not agree, but you have to live your life, they don’t. There’s an unending number of resources out there…search for them and keep looking until you find it. Can you read? Of course you can, you’re reading this post! There’s plenty of books out there on a variety of topics, I’m sure you can find something on what you’re looking for.

People…it’s not about what you can do in 2015, but about making a move now on the things you want instead of waiting for it to come to you. Be persistent. Be formidable. Be relentless in your vision. Otherwise…what’s the point?